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Your Basic Barrel is Powder Coated with your favorite color!

If you want more, WE HAVE MORE!
Create your own Barrel Smoker to your specifications! All parts are custom made to create the personalized touches that you need for your Barrel Bum Smoker. 
Choose your own customization and we will create a smoker very unique to you!

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Custom Barrel Smoker

SKU: 0004
  • Each item is created and painted in our shop individually. No two items will be exactly the same. 

  • We work hard to give our customers 100% Satisfaction. We talk with you every step of the way and if we find an imperfection in our work, we recreate it to make it right. 

    If there are no flaws found with our work and it is created to the customer's specifications, we can not offer a return or refund. However, we will discuss this on an individual basis and do our best to ensure your satisifaction. 

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