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Due to the weight of our custom barrel smokers, we can not offer shipping. These items are pick up only. We will, however, meet you in certain instances for an additional fee. This would need to be agreed upon on an individual basis depending on where you are located and weather. 

We will ship parts if needed by our fellow barrel drum smoker builders. Just contact us  for details on shipping. 


We work hard to create a custom drum smoker to fit your specifications. We will work with you to ensure that your unique piece is built to your expectations. If you are not satisfied, we will work to correct the problem, if possible. We will only offer returns on an individual basis that will be determined at the time of delivery.


Each Barrel Bum Smoker is custom made to your specifications. We work to get the right color, the right design and the additional features. Your turn around time will depend on what you ask for and how many orders are in front of yours. Typically, we can create a custom smoker in less than a week. 

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